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Daiston Consulting, Inc. helps leaders rethink their goals, and map them to the big picture, to streamline operations for maximum organizational growth and profitability. We thoroughly assess the business situation from a 360-degree perspective to get to the root cause of the problems or reframe new opportunities. We use research, strategic foresight, and discernment to align flexible future-proof strategies to the organization’s vision as they transform and pivot through the vortex of internal and external changes.

Angelique Robateu Profile Picture

Angelique Robateau

Founder and CEO

Angelique Robateau is the founder and CEO of Daiston Consulting, Inc. She has 25+ years of professional experience of proven success in leading and delivering complex global solutions using different methodologies for Fortune 500 firms across various industries. She has a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics (MSBI) from Nova Southeastern University, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (MIS) from PACE University. She is an Enterprise Business Agility Strategist (EBAS), Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®), and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®).

​Angelique enjoys serving her communities. She is the Health Information Management and System Society (HIMSS) Past National CAR Vice-Chair of the Southern Region (several states), current Advocacy Vice-Chair for Central & North Florida HIMSS Chapter, Education Committee Chair for the Caribbean Community Association (Tampa Florida), Community Outreach Director for Thunder Bay Volleyball Academy (Tampa Florida). She is also one of the founder members of Cigar City Toastmasters (Tampa, Florida).  

​She mentors young adults about the workforce of tomorrow, financial literacy, and life lessons, so they are better prepared for the challenges in their professional and personal lives. 

​Angelique is currently embracing the next chapter of her life by getting comfortable being uncomfortable. She is an avid reader, enjoys water sports, listens and dances to different genres of music, and loves spending time with her family and friends.

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